Early detection is key!

Do you identify with any of these conditions?

Being Overweight

Family History of Diabetes

Not Eating Fruits and Vegetables Regularly

Not Exercising Daily

If yes, you could have a higher risk of developing serious health complications caused by diabetes.


Kidney Failure

Heart Disease

Loss of toes, feet, or legs

Most of these health complications caused by type 2 diabetes can be prevented or controlled if treated early.

To control, delay or even prevent serious complications of diabetes, blood sugar control or HbA1c are not enough. Small nerves can get progressively destroyed if not checked, but small nerve damage can be reversible!


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) mandates that all patients with diabetes be screened annually for peripheral and autonomic neuropathy.

Patient testimonial featured on FOX Business - Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Learn more about SUDOSCAN and how this non-invasive 3-minute test can evaluate if your health is in check.

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