Non-Invasive SUDOSCAN Test Contributes To Value-Based Healthcare

SUDOSCAN by Impeto Medical, SAS. is an innovative sudomotor function test for the early detection and prevention of health complications through a non-invasive, painless, 3-minute diagnostic test. It provides physicians information on the health of the patient’s neurological system, helping them devise a more personalized, value-based treatment plan to prevent, control and even reverse conditions like Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. 

SUDOSCAN measures sweat gland activity to evaluate nerve dysfunction caused by diseases like pre-diabetes and diabetes. This diagnostic device has significant advantages with its ability to identify small and autonomic nerve dysfunction in the early stages when these complications can be reversed. Current nerve function tests such as nerve conduction studies are time consuming and uncomfortable for patients and do not capture early small nerve damage. Once nerve conduction studies reveal an abnormality, it is just too late to reverse a health condition.

In San Diego, CA — an enhanced SUDOSCAN was recently launched in the United States with a new longitudinal and quantitative follow-up feature to monitor disease progression over time and treatment’s efficacy. The simple to read display may engage the patient in his/her care and improve compliance and patient outcome; for the physician, the progression of SUDOSCAN test results may help deliver a more precise treatment plan.

“The biggest impact that SUDOSCAN can have is to prevent or detect very early on, impending diabetic neuropathy. This complication affects 50 percent of diabetic patients and the industry’s screening efforts have been ineffective,” said Dr. Marie-Laure Névoret, MD, Medical Director of Impeto Medical.

About Impeto Medical: Impeto Medical, SAS. is a privately owned medical device company founded in 2005, with US operations based in San Diego, California since 2011. Impeto Medical manufactures and markets devices for non-invasive assessment of eccrine sweat gland activity through sudorimetry. SUDOSCAN is an FDA cleared device.

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