SUDOSCAN in diabetology: at WoundHSI

Identification and Follow-Up of the at Risk Diabetic Foot

Impeto Medical will present SUDOSCAN and the role of quantitative sudomotor testing during the 17th annual conference of WoundHSI, Wound Healing: Science & Industry, on 20-21 June 2019 at New York.

The diabetic foot is a very costly complication of diabetes both personally and financially. Pathophysiology often involves a combination of neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, progressing to ulceration and limb loss. Current recommendations for foot screening detect the risk of diabetic complication too late in its course, and studies show poor compliance by the physicians in following guidelines.

Sudomotor nerves are unmyelinated autonomic fibers innervating sweat glands and affected early in diabetic neuropathy. New sudomotor testing methods are rapid, quantitative, and reproducible; they may detect a diabetic foot at risk early, and can be implemented for routine clinical screening and accurate follow-up with minimal impact to the clinic’s work flow. Clinical research data on sudomotor function testing for the diabetic foot will be presented.

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