Approved cleaning products

Approved Cleaning Products

Please find below the current list of manufacturer approved cleaning products.

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Use only the approved cleaning products which are low detergent level products for non-invasive medical devices. Always follow the cleaning product’s recommendations for use (may require the use of gloves and other protections).

We only recommend using spray bottles or eventually wet wipes. Most companies selling their products in bottles format, often sell an adaptable spray head as a separate accessory. Using a spray ensures using the appropriate amount of product. 

To wipe the sprayed product away and dry the sensor plates, we also recommend using soft tissue wipes such as KimWipes. These industrial wipes are non-woven disposable paper towels, they don’t scratch delicate surfaces when wet and do not leave lint on the sensor plates. We recommend the :

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Note: to fit in your transportation case, if  you have one, we recommend the square box of 280 wipes/box.