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On April 28th, 2017, the french newspaper « Le Monde » published in their section Broad Angle, an « Innovations in health » special presenting Impeto Medical and the SUDOSCAN.

You can find the complete newspaper (in french) here :

Extrait Le Monde Grand Angle le Monde

Below is the translation of the article in English :

Screening –> Detecting neuropathies in 3 minutes.

The french SME Impeto Medical created the SUDOSCAN (c), a medical device which detects « small nerve » neuropathies.

This innovation is full of promises for diabetic patients. It is a simple solution, with no counterpart on the market. Developed by Impeto Medical, a Paris-based SME, the SUDOSCAN (c) is a medical device which can diagnose, in a few minutes, damaged peripheral nerves. The test consists of positioning hands and feet on electrodes, which release non-painful,  electrical impulses. These are transmitted to the nerves controlling the sweat glands, which, in turn, will release chloride ions. If the nerves are damaged, the quantity of chloride ions will be low, which indicates the presence and severity of the neuropathy. The first indication concerns diabetic patients, who are often concerned by this complication, which leads to 10,000 foot amputation each year. « About 60% of diabetics suffer from neuropathies, explains Philippe Brunswick, CEO of Impeto Medical. The challenge is to detect them as early as possible, as they can be reversed if detected in time. » As evidence of its innovative nature, the technology has been implanted for years in the US and in China, with over 2,500 devices installed worldwide. In France, many hospitals and 160 pharmacies are equipped, but the procedure is not reimbursed yet*. « The evaluation [for reimbursement] should be done this year by the [French] health authorities« , specifies Philippe Brunswick. Backed by over 60 scientific publications, Impeto Medical is currently working on other medical applications, such as in Familial Amyloid Neuropathies, Fabry disease, fibromyalgia and neuropathic damage due to oncological treatments.

Article written by François Vernonnet.

*in France

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