Sudoscan in the “2016 Guidelines on the management of diabetic patients. A position of Diabetes Poland.”

(English excerpt of the publication) Araszkiewicz A et al. 2016 Guidelines on the management of diabetic patients. A position of Diabetes Poland. Diabetologia Kliniczna 2016, tom 5, supl. A

“The guidelines are a product of a team of nearly 50 experts representing numerous medical specialties, covering all aspects of clinical diabetes care. Guideline chapters were prepared by teams coordinated by their leaders. The goal of this expert teamwork is to improve prevention, diagnosis, and management of diabetes and its complications. The PTD guidelines reflect advances in diabetology, including new clinical and experimental study findings, epidemiological observations, and registry data. Thus, some modifications and novel aspects appear every year. However, as the guidelines have always been based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, only minor changes are required, related to new knowledge from reliable research with major implications for clinical practice.”[…] “Autonomic neuropathy
Autonomic nervous system function is evaluated indirectly based on the analysis of effector organ function in response to specific stimuli. Due to a non-specific nature of clinical symptoms and signs, the diagnosis should be supported by specific tests. It is necessary to exclude other disease of the effector organ, take into account other organic and functional abnormalities, and exclude an effect of the treatment used.”[…] “4. Dysfunctional sudomotor function — simple perspiration tests, testing using sophisticated equipment (evaluation of sudomotor function using Sudoscan).”

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