Interview with Dr Smirnoff, M.D., Neurologist – Describe your practice (1/9)

Video : Interview with Alexander J. Smirnoff, M.D., Smirnoff Neurology Center

Describe your clinical practice: what is your specialty and what is the make-up of your patient population?

Dr Smirnoff, Board-certified Neurologist, Neurophysiology subspecialty:

“I’m a Neurologist, and a have some specialty in Neuromuscular medicine, and as most of us in neuromuscular medicine, the majority of patients we see is with neuropathy. Patients with neuropathy can be divided in 2 categories: patients with large fiber neuropathies and small fiber neuropathy, and occasionally we see patients with both. The biggest challenge is to identify patients with small fiber neuropathy because up until recently we had no specific test for that.”

Dislosure: Dr. Smirnoff purchased the SUDOSCAN® device for clinical use within his Neurology practice approximately 2 years ago. There are no disclosures regarding any potential Conflict of Interest and/or Financial Interest with Impeto Medical. This video is an actual customer testimonial regarding the clinical utilization of the SUDSOCAN® device within their practice.

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