Diagnostic Work-Up (4/9) – Dr Smirnoff, M.D., Neurologist

Interview with Alexander J. Smirnoff, M.D., Smirnoff Neurology Center

Has adding Sudoscan to your clinical practice altered the sequence of steps, or composition of tests you use, in the diagnostic work-up of distal neuropathies?

Dr Smirnoff, Board-certified Neurologist, Neurophysiology subspecialty:

“When we began using SUDOSCAN, we thought that the results should be predictable and consistent with length dependent distal neuropathies: we expected the numbers to be abnormal first in the feet. To our surprise, we started seeing some patients in whom abnormal numbers were only in the upper extremities. And it was not one or two occasions, but it consistently repeated in many patients. It gave us another avenue of exploration of the diagnosis and some of those results correlate very well with cervical radiculopathy, with focal mono-neuropathies and it may even be correlating with spinal cord disorders, and this was a surprise and this was a very interesting train of thought that we are working on.”

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