New clinical uses (5/9) – Dr Smirnoff, M.D., Neurologist

Interview with Alexander J. Smirnoff, M.D., Smirnoff Neurology Center

Have you discovered a particular clinical use for Sudoscan in your practice that you did not necessarily anticipate when you first acquired the device?

Dr Smirnoff, Board-certified Neurologist, Neurophysiology subspecialty:

“All neurologists know that, Nerve Conduction study, which is our traditional test, is not the most favorite test because it’s kind of painful. When we started using SUDOSCAN, the world turned upside down. The patients love the test. They are very willing to come for the test the first time and for follow-up. The test is very simple, it’s quick, it only takes 2 minutes, there’s no pain involved and the patients actually are very fascinated with the way those plates look. And it’s very simple and easy to explain to them the results. We show the number, we explain that the numbers should be at certain level, and we explain to them that we are monitoring those numbers in time and that tells us whether the neuropathy is progressing or is stationary. We try to explain to the patients that neuropathy is of two types: progressive and non-progressive. The patients love it.”

Disclosure: Dr. Smirnoff purchased the SUDOSCAN® device for clinical use within his Neurology practice approximately 2 years ago. There are no disclosures regarding any potential Conflict of Interest and/or Financial Interest with Impeto Medical. This video is an actual customer testimonial regarding the clinical utilization of the SUDSOCAN® device within their practice.

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