Interview with Dr Smirnoff, M.D., Neurologist – Use of SUDOSCAN (2/8)

Interview with Alexander J. Smirnoff, M.D., Smirnoff Neurology Center

How do you use the Sudoscan device in your practice? Do you use it primarily to assess symptoms/signs of autonomic dysfunction or do you use it most in the investigation of distal neuropathies?

Alexander J. Smirnoff, M.D., Board-certified Neurologist, Neurophysiology subspecialty:

For many years we had a problem when NCS was negative or the test results were normal but patients presented with clear neuropathic symptoms. Since the time we started using SUDOSCAN it was the feeling of light coming into the dark room. Now we are able to diagnose small fiber neuropathy including distal neuropathy, including autonomic neuropathy, and all that uncertainty now is starting to go away. Also we ha d patients with unexplained pain and a lot of times those patients were labelled as fibromyalgia patients. In some patients with fibromyalgia we find some evidence of small fiber neuropathy which is another great advantage of this test. I have to say that small fiber neuropathy has always been a hypothetical diagnosis which was very difficult to confirm with a test, and now I becomes legitimate, instrumentally proven diagnosis and that bring tremendous satisfaction and opens doors for new research.

Disclosure: Dr. Smirnoff purchased the SUDOSCAN® device for clinical use within his Neurology practice approximately 2 years ago. There are no disclosures regarding any potential Conflict of Interest and/or Financial Interest with Impeto Medical. This video is an actual customer testimonial regarding the clinical utilization of the SUDSOCAN® device within their practice.

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