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Medical update and training on Sudoscan : Latest Research and Practical Training on Sudoscan and Sudomotor Dysfunction

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Introduction to Sudomotor Dysfunction

Sudomotor dysfunction is a common clinical manifestation that is often one of the earliest detectable signs of peripheral and autonomic neuropathies.

  • The ADA has identified sudomotor dysfunction as one of the major clinical manifestations of diabetic autonomic neuropathy.
  • Small fibers neuropathy is also one of the earliest complications in many neurological conditions such as Gougerot Sjögren, amyloidosis, Fabry disease, Chemotherapy-induced neuropathies, etc.

The Utility of SUDOSCAN

To accurately assess sweat gland function, SUDOSCAN offers a quick and non-invasive test with reproducible results. In less than three minutes, SUDOSCAN allows physicians to early detect and follow-up of peripheral neuropathy, leading to better management of diabetes complications such as neuropathies to prevent diabetic foot and cardiac neuropathy.

Webinar Details

In this webinar on November 23rd, 2023, at 3 PM (CET), the speakers will update physicians and Impeto Medical partners on the latest medical publications, in addition to providing a “refresh” training on the principles, performance, and advantages of Sudoscan.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Medical Update on latest Sudoscan publications
  • Refresh training on Sudoscan principle, advantages, and utility

How to Attend

To attend this webinar on November 23rd, 2023,
at 3 PM (CET), please fill in the form below


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