Sudoscan to Showcase Innovations at 10th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) 2024 in Helsinki

We are excited to announce Sudoscan’s participation in the EAN Congress 2024, from June 29 to July 2, 2024, in Helsinki. With a focus on “Neuromodulation: Advances and Opportunities in Neurological Diseases,” this congress will be an important gathering for medical professionals interested in the latest advancements in both diagnostic and therapeutic neuromodulation technologies.

Make sure to visit us at stand E51 !

Join this event to learn about new diagnostic and treatment methods, precise targeting strategies for brain regions, and the growing use of neuromodulation in chronic pain, movement and cognitive disorders, and more. Discover how Sudoscan’s advanced technology assesses small fiber autonomic functions, addressing neurological complications such as Hereditary Amyloidosis, Autoimmune Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Neuromodulation: The Core Theme of the EAN Congress 2024

At the forefront of neurological innovations, the EAN Congress 2024 will explore the exciting field of neuromodulation. This innovative approach uses both invasive and non-invasive methods to influence nerve activity, offering new hope for patients with complex neurological disorders. Workshops and plenary sessions will highlight advancements and new opportunities in this field, making it an essential event for professionals who want to stay current in their practice.

Highlighted Topics:

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques: Exploring available neuromodulation methods for diagnostics and therapeutic interventions.
  • Targeting Specific Regions: Strategies to precisely target cortical regions, deep brain structures, and head nerves for therapeutic interventions.
  • New Areas of Neurology: Expanding the use of neuromodulation into new neurological areas such as chronic minimally conscious state and limb prosthesis.

How to find the EAN 2024 scientific program ?
Program overview for 2024 is available here: EAN 2024 program

How to register for the EAN 2024 ?
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Addressing Neurological Complications with Sudoscan

At the upcoming EAN Congress 2024, you will get a chance to learn about learn more about the clinical value and applications of Sudoscan in various neurological conditions.

Sudoscan provides a fast and accurate method for detecting early stages of neuropathies. Sudoscan evaluates sweat gland function by measuring electrochemical skin conductance when a low voltage is applied to the hands and feet. This method assesses the state of small nerve fibers controlling the sweat glands.

Conditions such as Hereditary Amyloidosis, Autoimmune Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease can damage these small nerve fibers. Sudoscan’s technology gives a reliable way to diagnose and monitor these issues, providing valuable information for both patients and healthcare providers.

SUDOSCAN Benefits:

  • Fast : No patient preparation, Results in 3 minutes
  • Secure : Non-invasive, Easy to operate, CE and FDA approvals
  • Accurate : Backed by evidence-based research of 200 peer-reviewed journals publications.

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Sudoscan technology is increasingly being adopted globally, with thousands of installations worldwide utilizing this advanced diagnostic tool. Significant move to enhance it’s technology and the wider use in practice and research fields, Sudoscan was recently acquired by Withings. This acquisition promises to accelerate innovations and further the reach of our cutting-edge solutions.

By participating in the EAN Congress 2024, Sudoscan not only showcases its cutting-edge technology but also contributes to the broader dialogue on the future directions of neuromodulation. Its focus on non-invasive assessment techniques provides a complementary perspective to the invasive methods discussed at the congress, enriching the overall discourse on neuromodulation advancements and opportunities.

Experience a live Sudoscan demo at EAN 2024!

During the congress, healthcare professionals will be able to witness Sudoscan’s technology first-hand. Join us to learn how this non-invasive method can make a big difference in diagnosing and treating complex conditions.

Our team will be at Stand E 51, ready to showcase live demonstrations of Sudoscan’s innovative technology.

Can’t wait? Reach out now to schedule a private, live demonstration with our experts! Click on this link right now !

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