Successful Webinar:
Management of autonomic dysfunction:
challenges & role of sudomotor testing

With our special guests, on July 2021; 


On July the 16th Impeto Medical had organized a webinar for health professionals on the Management of autonomic dysfunction. 

We were glad to welcome more than 50 attendees to this presentation with our special guests Pr Vincenza Spallone and Pr Peter Novak.

Sweat glands are innervated by the autonomic system (sudomotors). Sudomotor dysfunction can be one of the earliest detectable neurophysiologic abnormalities in distal small fiber neuropathies. Quantitative assessment of sweat response has been proposed as an index of the severity and distribution of autonomic failure as well as an early indicator for regeneration of small fibers.
Diabetes is shown to be the primary cause of small fiber neuropathy. The ADA has identified sudomotor dysfunction as one of the major clinical manifestations of diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Furthermore, the assessment of autonomic dysfunction may identify patients at high risk for cardiac autonomic neuropathy, which carries a very high rate of morbidity and mortality.

In this webinar Pr Vincenza Spallone and Pr Peter Novak pointed out the challenges  of the assessment of diabetic cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN) and the clinical utility of SUDOSCAN to improve patients management. 

Pr Vincenza Spallone works at the Endocrinology Department of Systems Medicine, University Tor Vergata of Rome. She was Chairperson and invited Speaker at more than 35 International meetings (including EASD and Neurodiab). She is reviewer for 29 journals and more than 160 articles. She has also published about 374 works (articles, chapters, books, and abstracts).

Pr Peter Novak is Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. He is Director of Autonomic Laboratory at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Boston. His main interests are small fibers and autonomic neuropathies and has over 70 papers written & presented at numerous conferences.

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