Sudoscan and Withings Present Groundbreaking Diabetes Technologies at the SFD Congress 2024

A major annual event in the field of diabetology, the next Congress of the Francophone Society of Diabetes (SFD) will take place from March 19 to 22, 2024, at the Toulouse exhibition center. Following the acquisition of Sudoscan by Withings in 2022, it will be an opportunity for Withings and Sudoscan to jointly demonstrate the effectiveness and innovation of their respective technologies in the field of diabetes.

We invite you to visit booth 34 to explore the synergy between these two clinically approved technologies. Discover how these cutting-edge tools provide effective and innovative solutions, beneficial for patients and for medical professionals.

Get to know the revolutionary technology of Sudoscan, which allows specialists to detect and monitor autonomic and peripheral neuropathies in diabetic patients. Also, come and discover the new Withings scale, Body Pro 2, designed to enable health professionals to remotely monitor their patients suffering from autonomic and peripheral neuropathies.

Know more about the SFD Congress

The Congress of the Francophone Society of Diabetes (SFD) is a major annual event in the field of diabetology. It serves as a hub for health professionals, researchers, and industry specialists from the francophone community to discuss the latest advancements in diabetes, covering all aspects of modern diabetology, from the fundamentals to the clinical practice.

This congress is particularly focused on therapeutic, technological, and digital innovations. Apart from research presentations, the SFD congress also offers workshops and seminars dedicated to specific themes. These sessions are organized to enrich the knowledge of the participants on key subjects in the field of diabetes.

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Sudoscan / Withings Solutions at the SFD Congress

The SFD Congress will provide an opportunity for Sudoscan and Withings to showcase their solutions. Sudoscan’s electrochemistry-based device is highly anticipated by health professionals. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies can discover how this groundbreaking technology revolutionizes their practice and improves patient care. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies will be able to see how this groundbreaking technology transforms their practice and improves patient care. The focus will be on its potential for early detection of diabetes and follow-up of diabetic patients, as well as its ease of use and integration into existing medical practices.

Indeed, Sudoscan is a patented technology unique in the world. It uses the electrochemical conductance of the skin to detect dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system, often associated with chronic diseases. This non-invasive and painless technology has many benefits for the screening and the monitoring of individuals with diabetes:

Fast: Sudoscan doesn’t require any prior patient preparation and delivers results in just three minutes.
Easy to use: Critical data points are easy to read, making it easier for doctors to make a diagnosis.
Safe and non-invasive: Sudoscan uses a secure and non-invasive electrochemistry technique to measure the conductance of chloride ions in the patient’s hands and feet.
Effective and reproducible: The device performs standardized skin conductance measurement to obtain consistent and reproducible results.
Clinically validated and recognized: The Sudoscan device has obtained double certification from CE and FDA,as well as the support of over 200 publications attesting confirming its efficacy.

Indeed, Sudoscan offers a unique advantage by allowing an objective assessment of the small nerve fiber’s function. Unlike other assessment methods, Sudoscan provides quantitative results that can be used to monitor the disease’s progression over time, monitor the effectiveness of the treatments, and adjust the care plans accordingly. This can lead to an improved quality of life for patients and a long-term healthcare cost reduction.

The Body Pro 2 scale incorporates Sudoscan technology, delivering cutting-edge technology that can easily fit into patients’ daily routines. With Body Pro 2, patients can monitor their nerve activity regularly while healthcare professionals can remotely track their patients’ progress after each weigh-in.

Sudoscan and Withings: An Innovative Partnership

Founded in 2008, Withings aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector with smart devices and their associated applications. Clinically validated and multi-award-winning, Withings devices have already transformed the lives of millions of users worldwide.

Featuring a diverse product range that includes smart watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep trackers, and connected scales, Withings empowers individuals to gain control over their health, helping to prevent, detect, and manage chronic diseases that often go undiagnosed.

Following the acquisition of Sudoscan, the synergy between Withings and Sudoscan has become apparent through multiple aspects. Sudoscan’s technology, which is used for detecting and monitoring various chronic diseases, enriches Withings’ offer, allowing for a more comprehensive health solution for the patients. In particular, Withings has integrated Sudoscan’s technology into its Body Pro 2 scale. Thanks to this innovation, users can now more effectively monitor their health. Simultaneously, Sudoscan benefits from Withings’ resources to offer innovative technology to healthcare professionals. Sudoscan and Withings both aspire to become reference tools in the field of diabetology, contributing to the advancement of research and the improvement in healthcare from the hospital to the home.

Join Us at the SFD Congress 2024, Booth 34

We invite all healthcare professionals and diabetes researchers to join us at the SFD Congress, which will be held from March 19 to 22, 2024, at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre. We invite you to visit booth 34 to explore the synergy between these two clinically approved technologies. Discover how these cutting-edge tools can provide effective and innovative solutions, beneficial for patients and for medical professionals.

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