Sudoscan at JNLF 2024: Innovative Technology for Neurologists

From April 9 to 12, neurologists from all over the world will gather at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for the French-Language Neurology Days (JNLF) 2024. This event will be a hub for discussions and new advancements in the field of neurology. Sudoscan will participate and will present its innovative technology, used among other fields in neurology diagnosis. Seize the opportunity to see Sudoscan in action at Stall 13!

JNLF 2024: What to Look Forward to

A Gathering of Neurology Experts and Enthusiasts

The 2024 edition of the JNLF is expected to attract diverse groups of participants. This includes neurologists and neurosciences students, but also practitioners from related fields such as nursing, speech therapy, psychology, and neuropsychology. This diversity highlights the aim of the event to promote education and advancement in the field of neurology.

Program and Schedule

The JNLF 2024 has much to offer to its participants:

  • Up-to-date insights on the management of neurological disorders and cancer, for a deeper understanding of current best practices and future trends.
  • Discussions on the impact of the environment on health, for a multidimensional perspective on neurology.
  • Technological advancements in neurology, with the latest tools and techniques, such as Sudoscan.

Adding to the program’s richness, the JNLF 2024 will also provide:

  • Interactive sessions designed to test and boost participants’ knowledge
  • Unique opportunities to support the development and training of intern neurologists.
  • Active recognition of different roles in neurology, with the participation of liberal, hospital, and university hospital doctors.

Exploring the Applications of Sudoscan in Neurology

We are excited to announce that Sudoscan will participate in the JNLF 2024. We will be exhibiting at booth 13 and present our innovative device and its potential for improving neurological diagnosis and treatments.

An Efficient Tool in Diagnosing Neuropathy

Sudoscan designed to identify autonomic small fibers neuropathy in diabetes and other neurological conditions. This unique device utilizes a non-invasive technique to assess sweat gland function, a key indicator of peripheral neuropathy. The attractiveness of Sudoscan lies in its simplicity and its speed, providing outcomes from a 3-minute test only.

Sudoscan’s Science: Identifying Small Fiber Neuropathy and Autonomic Dysfunction

Sudoscan has proven to be highly effective, capable of identifying diabetic small fiber neuropathy and autonomic dysfunction. Its ability to detect and assess these healthcare challenges is a testament to its range of applications.

Sudoscan’s technology evaluates the capacity of sweat glands to release chloride ions in response to electrochemical stimulation, providing a unique approach for evaluating neuropathy. Sudoscan measures the electrochemical skin conductance (ESC) of the patient’s hands and feet through a process known as reverse iontophoresis. By assessing the sweat gland function, Sudoscan offers an efficient way to monitor the progression of small fiber neuropathy and to detect nerve damage at an earlier stage.

Sudoscan has demonstrated its efficacy in the field of neurology and been applied to several diseases with neurological complications such as Hereditary amyloidosis, AA, wild type, Covid-19, Hepatitis C, Epilepsy, Fabry disease, Parkinson’s disease, Autoimmune small fiber neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Lewy body dimentia, Narcolepsy or Sjörgen’s syndrome.

Worldwide, Sudoscan’s applications have been further demonstrated through more than 250 peer reviewed publications.

Key Features of Sudoscan

Main Aim Evaluation of Sweat Gland Function
Testing Methodology Measurement of Electrochemical
Skin Conductance (ESC)
Research Focus Peripheral Neuropathy
Test Duration Approximately 3 Minutes
Invasiveness Non-Invasive
Special Feature Early Detection of Nerve Damage

Join the Sudoscan Exploration at JNLF 2024!

Update your calendars for Jnlf 2024, an exceptional gathering for all neurology experts and enthusiasts ! We will be delighted to exhibit Sudoscan’s technology at booth 13. It’s a unique chance to gain a deeper understanding of Sudoscan and explore its potential integration into your daily practice or research in neurology. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our booth, engage with our team and benefit from live demonstrations of Sudoscan’s device.

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