Webinar-Evaluation of Small fibers Neuropathy

Free Webinar:
Evaluation of Small fibers Neuropathy:
Clinical benefits and role of sudomotor testing

With our special guests on May the 20th – 2 PM (GMT+01:00 Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris)

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Sweat glands are innervated by the autonomic small fibers (C-fibers). Sudomotor dysfunction can
be one of the earliest detectable neurophysiologic abnormalities in distal small fiber neuropathies. Quantitative assessment of sweat response has been proposed as an index of the severity
and distribution of autonomic failure as well as an early indicator for regeneration of small fibers.

Diabetes is shown to be the primary cause of small fiber neuropathy. The ADA has identified sudomotor dysfunction as one of the major clinical manifestations of diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Small fibers neuropathy is also one of the earliest complications in many neurological conditions
as Gougerot Sjögren, amyloidosis, Fabry disease, Chemotherapy induced neuropathies etc.

SUDOSCAN is a quick and non-invasive test that provides within less than 3 minutes an accurate evaluation of sweat gland function therefore the small nerve fibers state within the peripheral autonomic nervous system. With a quantitative and reproducible results, SUDOSCAN allows physicians to early detect and follow-up peripheral neuropathy to help guiding towards the etiology and to monitor disease progression and assess treatment efficacy for a better patient management.

In this webinar our  guests: Dr. Praveen Kumar Yadav, Dr. Mohamed ElMahdy, Dr. Ali Al Sanousi
and Dr. Anand Hinduja will share their experience on the clinical benefits of the evaluation
and follow-up of Small fibers Neuropathy and the role of sudomotor testing.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Yadav works at Aarogyam Neuro Clinic in Bidhanagar, Durgapur.
Dr. Mohamed ElMahdy works at Muwasat hospital, KSA.
Dr. Ali Al Sanousi works at Al Salam Hospital.
Dr. Anand Hinduja works at Aarti clinic, Navi Mumbai.

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